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Love Rings For Couples A Little Dictionary of Rings Part 1

Today we are talking about love rings. What are the different kinds of rings? There are a variety, and depending on their type and the place they're worn, they have a different meaning.

The finger they are placed on may have a special meaning. In this post, and in the next ones, I will try to give an easy and exhaustive overview as possible of the various types of rings, their significance, where they come from and how they are generally used.

Let's start with rings that are devoted to love.

Pre-engagement ring. Keep one thing in mind, engagement in Italy is a commitment but it doesn't mean you are certain that you will be married. Let's say you are in an affair. In America the engagement ring signals that there is an intention to marry. Couples who have been together for the longest time can wear a ring that represents the love they share, without necessarily thinking about something more permanent. In this scenario you could opt for the pre engagement ring (or promise ring but we'll get into it in a moment). This kind of ring that is typically simple and of little worth, is affixed to the left ring to indicate that you're engaged, even though it's not yet. You can sometimes choose to wear it on the middle finger of your left hand, to ensure that you don't confuse it with the wedding ring.

A significant date or the name or initials of the couple can be engraved on the inside.

Matching Necklaces designed to represent the promise that one person makes to another, which is why the engagement ring that is pre-engaged is one of the most popular.

Promise rings can be used to communicate diverse messages.

I will be faithful to you.

I will be back to you.

I will keep a particular promise to you

I will guard your secrets

My feelings for you are serious

I am in love with you!

My plan is to get married you however, I am not yet ready to get married.

I will save your virginity

We are best friends

I will always be here for you.

You are my only and true Valentine

I promise to abstain from any vice (gambling drinking, smoking)

I promise to replace this engagement ring with an (larger) diamond when I am able to afford it

A promise rings is like an engagement ring in that it does not have any distinguishing markings and may be of low value. If the promise isn't sentimental, you should wear it on your right hand. It is vital to define the exact significance of the promise you want to convey by wearing the ring. To be sure there are some who suggest putting it into the form of a note, with the promise written on it. If the ring is strong enough, it can be engraved. the initials or engraving engraved on it.

Low-value promise rings should not be returned even though the person who received it may not want to keep the ring around if it evokes bad memories.

The Solitaire Let's start by clarifying that this solitaire ring, as we will define it is very American. In Europe there were various customs for engagement rings that were connected to where the couple was from. American films have now taught us the scene of him kneeling down and asking you to marry him and bang he opens a box with a diamond of varying dimensions. It is typically an SOLITAIRE. This is because the diamond is usually brilliant cut. round) placed alone in the middle of a ring that is quite simple is the symbol for the one and only true love. If you want to know how many different ways this model can be look go here.

I'm naive and believe that given the prices of diamonds, poor fiances aren't able to make a to choose from (if they are wealthy they can choose to move on to the next ring) instead of focusing on one diamond, then obviously the size in this case is important, at least for the wallet.

It is a very popular and iconic design. It is common, but not always it doesn't include stones on the sides or around the stem can be in gold, usually white, or platinum.

When he hands you solitaire, he's affirming his loyalty and love to you, and only you, in exchange for the promise that you will marry him.

The solitaire ring, just like all engagement rings, is worn on the left ring finger. Why? This finger was thought to be a vein directly connected to the heart.

The most famous solitaire ring in the world is the Tiffany setting with six-prong setting. It was invented by Charles Tiffany (father to L.C. Tiffany) in 1886. The solitaire, you must say is the ring that is suitable for every style and every age and for every woman who loves the elegance and beauty of precious stones.


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