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The John Muir Legacy Trail was originally inspired by John Muir's 1000 Mile Walk to the Gulf and his environmental conservation efforts.  After we became aware of the derogatory and insensitive comments Muir made about Black and Indigenous peoples, we want to share a fuller and more vibrant story of the Trail which has been utilized by a variety of peoples over time.  We stand with organizations like the Sierra Club who have condemned John Muir for his words and actions.

We hope by including the voices, stories, and experiences of all people who have lived on or passed through this land in the past, we can best understand and learn from the history of this natural landscape.  We hope the Trail can be a welcoming space for individuals of all backgrounds, and a new story can be written about the individuals who will use this Trail in the future.

We plan to continue listening and learning as we develop this Trail, and know that we might make mistakes on this journey.  However, we hope you will consider becoming part of the story and help connect our communities through conservation.

If you'd like to join our efforts, please sign up for our emails here, where you'll be notified of upcoming meetings and events.

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